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Whatever you

are running for

Bring it on.



  • Full Marathon

    42.2km 1 - Roba Gary CHUBETA
    2 - George Kipruto SIRMA
    3 - Abebe Hunde Tolosa
    4 - Andrew JONES
    5 - Sally Jemutai KIMAIYO
    6 - Alemitu Abera BEGNA
  • Half Marathon

    21.1km 1 - Yitayal Atanfu ZERIHUN
    2 - Henry KIPLAGAT
    3 - Collins Chebii
    4 - Fikru Yira GEBRESELLASS
    5 - Evans John RONO
    6 - Ahmed SEBBAR
  • 10 km Marathon

    1 - Alex KIBET
    2 - Peter Kibet LAGAT
    3 - Birhan Nebebew TESFAYE
    4 - Barae Khamis SAQWARE
    5 - Sisay WORKU
    6 - Rachid BOUDALLA
  • 5 km Marathon

    1 - Daniel KIPLAGAT
    2 - Blaz BOGATAJ
    3 - Katerina MATOUSOVA
    4 - Christopher ESCOPETE
    5 - Ylenia PAPASODARO
    6 - Shoby BABU
  • 3 km Marathon

    1 - Ellie Walters
    2 - Faith CHEN
    3 - Fayez AL FAKIH
    4 - Youssef GAMAL EL-DIN
    5 - Charlie ROBERTSON
    6 - Daire O'KEEFFE
  • 1 km Marathon

    1 - Christopher WHELAN
    2 - Victor Hermann
    3 - Hussain Talal
    4 - Emma THOMPSON
    5 - Jason Yousef
    6 - Alaa Al-Fakih
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Ooredoo Marathon follows the route indicated on the map. The markers pinpoint the start and finish line for the Full and Half Marathon runners along with the locations for water stations and toilets along the course.  

Full Marathon – 42.2 km (Loop track) Half Marathon – 21.1 km (Single track)

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Ooredoo marathon map

Ooredoo Marathon 2016

Welcome to the official page of the

Ooredoo Marathon 2016!

Ooredoo has always been committed to enriching people’s lives and we started the Ooredoo Marathon as a way to bring people together, encourage them to live healthier lifestyles and give back to the community.

Now in its fourth year, we are looking to ensure that we get the biggest turnout yet on 08 January 2016.

Funds raised by entry fees to the Ooredoo Marathon will be donated to a range of worthy charities in Qatar.

The marathon features four courses for all abilities of runners including a full marathon, half-marathon, 10km, 5km and a special children’s 3km fun run.

While the run is open to all, prizes are awarded to the best runners in a range of categories, based on age and gender.

In 2015, thousands of people participated – with teams from businesses, universities, schools and athletic clubs all taking part. In 2016, we want to see even more people take to the roads!

Whatever you are running for, bring it on

08 January 2016!

What are yourunning for?

  • I am running to socialise

  • I am running for charity

  • I am running to win 

  • I am running for health

  • I am running for fun


Adult & Youth Runs

How many kilometers will you run before crossing the finish line?

  • Qatari Man Qatari Man

    42.2 km

  • Europeon Woman Europeon Woman

    21.1 km

  • Asian boy Asian boy

    10 km

  • Qatari Woman Qatari Woman

    5 km


Children’s Run

Mini-marathon for mini-runners (age 5-17) 

  • Qatari Man asian-boy

    3 km

  • Qatari boy Qatari boy

    1 km



Elite runners have long understood the importance nutrition has on their race performance. Consuming the right food at the right time will afford you energy to train and recover more quickly from training sessions, especially when it comes to preparing for long distance races like the half and full marathon. Understanding what to eat and when makes a difference in tackling challenging races.

  • Running short distances, less than 10km does not require any particular nutrition plans.
  • Training and racing longer distances does.
  • Best consider a healthy diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, as they contain vital vitamins and minerals.
  • Most runners chose to consume moderate amounts of slow-release carbohydrates (Such as oats, wholegrain pasta and brown rice)
  • Use lower intensity training days to consume protein, which is vital for muscle growth and repair.
  • Fats, in moderation, are part of a balanced diet.


The State of Qatar is one of the most exciting countries in the region, with a young population, incredible sporting infrastructure, and exciting plans for the future.

Historically a strategic trading port, Qatar is now home to more than two million people and a major economic hub.

Doha is the capital city and the economic centre of the State of Qatar. There’s always something to do in Doha, with a host of attractions including museums, art galleries and a wide range of entertainment options.

The coolest months of the year are between December to February and this is the ideal time to explore some of the outdoor attractions of the beaches, sand dunes and parks – or to run the Ooredoo Marathon!